Wrecked soul .

peeing in the pool ,
isnt that cool?
chewing the chewed gum,
isnt that awsm.?
meaningly stepping on the puddles,
isnt better than the grudged cuddle s ?
puking after straight 8 shots,
arn’t paar to ur dates and dots !!.
sulking on promises and commitments ,
ain’t they choosen options for ditch and dents ?
straight ahead heart breaking refusals,
seems so damn good from that past betrayals!!
breaking words and broken wears ;
are no were near to mine wrecken tears .
broke me in to pieces ,or crook me into foul;
but damn u dont dare to touch my wrecked soul.

Science she was g.

science she was ,
and i be her blind admirer,
when i was alone on that row of sinners,
she be my only and only preacher .
she was an alloy ,
probably of CU and TE,
thats why being CUTE,
was her owned elemental property.
i thought,
she would be as cool as breeze ,
but speeding around 74/119 ,
she rose a hurricane in my life .
evey time she pokes me ,it was all firery,
as moles of nitrogen approching oxygens ,
and that intraction causing explosions,
even vigrous than that detonating TNT.
she was like the moon ;
to me being the tide,
where she only owns the power ,
to make me fall and to make me rise.
yes , science she was ,
and i be the recently passed 10thi,
were choosing her could rush my adrenaline eternity,
but ditching her could give my life a real identity.



I worked hard ,probably the most .
I reached my biggest goal almost,
i could have reached the hight of utmost ,
but than I lost my hope at the victory coast,
and now that almost is haunting me like a ghost
i’ve paid my life’s cost just for that silly almost,
ive tried hard to redo my job that was hung on for almost,
but my shady nature to rose the toast before reaching the goal post ,
is still stabbing my dreams to the painful death almost.